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For every love there are testaments

Ragged ancient commandments

Prayed fetched enchanting words

Gold framed in your custody

Boundlessly fold into eternal glory

Betrayer, left forever, yet, evasively 

Comes again with skidding infinity

As full-gowned purposeful voyagers

Meditative attire seductive smiles, as we   

Heartbroken stations for love remedies

Wholesome satin roped monk’s ritual

Bold strike your mastery calligraphies

Stamped into an unfathomable rifle

Warrior, eloquence arrows into my heart

Your inscrutability no measurement

Giving is deep confidence, beneath waves

Surfacing belly of immense charted maps

How they stationed with my blood

Love is ravenous, despair, supremacy

Like the ocean, its attitudes, the life



Thieving ceaseless passionate province

Waiting for next waves, without restraint

Wild sacred harrowing, accidental prose  

Offensively bonding our oneness creed

Old village tales for a hallowed girl's destiny

Unspoken sacrament for our guarantees

Sorrows, joys engraved into one vessel

Breathing into our utter imperial groom 

Our promised journey ties shades shapes  

Rooting vinery home comings reaping crops

Fertile Southern Cross blossom your words

Gallant love fold into your childish bride

Unbroken code made your threaded domain  

Your guidance, deliverance to the world

Weaves golden rays into your dominance


3:24pm 23rd of November 



The Eagle


The beauty has long hale

Empire of his golden nest

Giant feathered arms

Wheeling his sunbeam vision  

Roar to the virility aqua sky

Piloting prows to the dawn  

Swing, swing ocean runway

Sway, sway mighty breeze  

Circling hoist, spearing grips

Straight into, roaring up

Splendor mastery navigation

Hunts world of sagacity

Where his  mystical frontier

Gleaming rod misty morning 

Firmly cluster his robust airfield

See the lungful airy horizon

Feeling of sage in his water fall

Thunderbolt for his sphere crown




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