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They mourn for the beauty


Without knowing why

But I know their anguish

Dark night tearful bright stars

Deep shaded inside sorrow

Seeking their glittering treasures

Mourn for their lost April morning

Shrouded their innocents seasons

Wrapped into warmth of passion

Stormy strangers’ summer nights

Weaves at from distant

O the beauty they wail for

Sorrowfully bid last farewell

Whose golden hands fold into

Crimson lips frozen to whispers

Founding blood heart of war

Splendors as autumn leaves

We mourn for the fallen heroes

Medallion of our bejeweled season


2012.10.28, 12:41am


Ever Dream


Stars of stream

Sitting in the darkness  

A lone night is enfolding

He comes with totality

Gowned with magical shade

Eerily voice softly spoken

Airy dominance moody pride

Whistles glaring staged winds  

Past through a perfumed garden

He listens flowery sweet dreams

He visits lone lighted ghostly nests  

Torches harbinger of mists  

At the hill long gone twilight 

Remains his birth right

Brightly brooding streets  

Full wake with total white silence

His lone love buried in misty grave

Waiting for his unbidden dawn

Who is he?

He is alert, whisper, ask questions

Wounded night fearless free ride---

O Night she was enslaved

Elect her pastoral altar  

Vision rests in her eagle nest

Lusty soil at magical garden  

Radiance red stars at river bed

Sleepless night ever dream  

Where all her  promises



I Cast My Magic


I want to see a heavenly place

There is no agony no sorrow but

Children play at innocent smile

Boisterously in sunlight school yard

Dazzling sunbeam pearly gleam  

Blameless shadow realm of lights

Wondrous innocence golden rim 

Chiseling giggles at the vast sky

White gowned seamless cloud 

So worldly wise with his kindness  

Along with his daylight moon

Now empty air wrestling rubbles

Tyrannies dust at death row

Dead silences watch out hobbles

Fresh soil is socking stench blood

Horrors lick their wounded mouths  

Waiting for their turn at wild roses    

O I shall not cast their pearly minds   

Midst of death, terrified agony

Tales of their lonesome season

Songs of traitorous abandon season

O shadow not bolt their smiles  

Waiting for their return as victors

Their little hands hold a golden globe  

Lift their sorrowful eyes at abyss

Daggered in to the world conscience

Strike out traitors’ unbidden lies 

Claim their innocent season 


2012.09.29. 7:56pm

Massacre I


Flesh summer is torn at death valley

Shining miseries trodden agonies

Slaughters houses butchers’ play

Rueful lineages silvery foot

Walking wit of death square

Shuttered bodies gazing eye sockets   

Muted outages is loudly dismayed  

Piled skeletons bloody outrage   

Another layer of screaming carcass

Scatter their fate at red flower bed   

Spewed their freedom joyously

O God finally I am free!   

I paid it for my life, they say

Bullets ridden martyrdom ripped air  

Tattered littered rubbish ground

O dear where is our dignity  

Whistled around wounded ground

Finality fair purify rotten free air

Exhibit their impassionate ritual 


Massacre II


O love is stricken

Rage is a bold sward

Brave garland at mass grave

Dark tortured enticing dream 

Lively blindfolded at death

Reading their dream on text

Season is waiting to be crowned     

Lonesome martyrs’ marvel curses

Errant verses laid out each line 

My ghosts will be your finals!

Carnages your last breathing!   

Death warrants for perpetrators!

Their fearless vengeance

Embolic, pompous deadly    

O their agonized season  

Tyrannical flank fearless   

Moon laid her wreath at altar   

Her vile breasts feed devils

Amorously restless her night  

Barely keep up her darkness   

Shall not forgive perpetrators---

She wails


2012. 08.08


Comes with Silvery Feet


O’ moon you would know

Your seamless night

Silvery feet spidery beams     

Waves fragranced imaginations 

Senselessly troubled eloquent

Feathery silver beams finest ever

Ripples head gowned heavenly sea

Weavers’ crashed civilizations  

Seer sphinx mane ever so fairer  

Lovers light torched the world

Trembling splendour broken pieces 

Mirrored their oceanic reflection

O Seer your full length beauty

Commanding your gleaming throne

What a splendour sphere you hold


3/08/2012 11:20 pm


Winter White Roses  


Centuries ago there was

Old civilization of wonders

Conquers lovers savages 

Gather at a snowy garden

Frosty maiden winter sleep

Purest maiden crimson frost  

Dream of sunlit shadow

Mourns for bloody snow blooms

Dead buds enfolded love wings 

Dreams of their eternal spring  

Heartbroken savages’ shatters

O Love buds pales white lips

So many love songs engraved

They will speak will be spoken

A turf of frost soil in their faces 

Gray silenced white shivering lips  

Closed eyes to the bluest sky

O come closer dear our distant 

Sought for solace love forever

Shrouded passion so tearful   

Blooded torn love arrows 

Gray sunken cheeks red glow

Poles chuckles at knuckled branches

Squared knots no blunt pretence

O wild wind, you menaces not!

Let the lovers dream grow!

Let the lovers’ songs to be heard!

O so their spring so their wonder land

Stanched moor land their love songs

Wounded ever green eyes of eulogy

O what a season of abyss

O what a season of lovers’ yearnings

O so the bejeweled lovers passion

Amass fortune waning fears dreads 

Stars blur bluest ever so lone

But ceaseless love is always lone

Marked inflamed miseries

Anguished lovers’ winter tales

Moon shivers her silvery gown

Wonders summer roses grave

Wails until her heartless frost melt   

O the lovers’ wonderland

O Ever forever our love

Our fearless love dawn

That is ours only  


05.02.2012. 4:45 pm



When I Die


I often dream of  

When I die in a red sand desert

There are no seasons but only season

That red season never end but forever   

My rugged soul buried in her warm breasts

Blanketed her ever benevolence

Lovingly tucks me into her rose scent soil

My body weathered into her soul

Cradles with seashell sounds lullabies

Wit of sky comes with full of stars

Lure into milk way ensembles  

Endow me their bejewelled string  

Sealed our enduring friendship that

I cherish it ever so kindles spirits

Moon opens all corners moonlight  

Weaves my night with her radian wisom   

I will rid her silvery golden valley

Silvery feet enthroned gilder fields

Hidden treasures buried with stories

I so grow fond of

I then listen all night until dawn

My skeleton breached at silvery time

Weathered at as red sand white bloom

White night plays with wild silences

Timeless loving sounds of zing

Long white blue tales at the sky        

Message to million years without distant  

Cloud forget their grey sorrow

Lazy white season begin its cycles 

Wild sandstorm taken away sleepy air

I then raise my timeless red throne

Tell the all these thrones thaws   

Whitest mightiest tales of desert

O but then I very fond of these

They are my friends I born with

That is my blanket with full of tales

Emblems of lucky charms

Full of charming voices lullabies

I ever so fond of 

I there for millions years


6:44pm 17.09.2011




The Sea


The night sea wails

Impassioned with hallow darkness 

Smothering thunders wavering veins

Listen, listen! she says  

O tonight she is telling tales

Ten thousand years old cripples  

Riding tearful frozen winds  

Ensnare heartless waves

Come with me my shore,

Let’s bury dead lovers, she wails  

She is mad, a crazy girl she roars 

Her frozen voice thunder clips

Weathering hair, her sinful voice

Hailing for her dead love

Biers carry wind nest to nest

Bitterly whisper “love is dead!”

Frozen nests seedless love

Let’s buried them in an abyss

With a shrouded silence sphere  

Never tell tales of love again

Once so verdant, ardent devotees     

Fleeting with long gone seasons

Sheltering untold tales

Bitter memories, memories  ---

Once season was gladness

She was so azure lively summer

Even her shadow was so bright   

Her loveliness deathless ruptured   

Lazy cloud at wild flowers’ bed

Perfumed sounds touched soft air

Wild cobalt affair in island breasts

Promised blooms of happiness 

Her caprices bare feet cobalt waves   

Mirrored Venus enraptured seashells

Deserted her sorrows ---

O now the hatters’ mermaid

Cry with wounded purple moon

Eclipses two-sidedly skeletons

Wonders so many unspoken tales

Dark agony her mulling abyss

Wailing ruler long gone waves

Tearfully riding heartless snare

Harrowing icy wails all night  

Flesh wounds  at frozen graves

Engraved tales of lone season

Tearful sea wails her restless nest   

Unveiling her godly face to the sky

Basking sunbeam her Albion breasts

O love then love again

9:38pm 15/08/2011


Calling His Freedom


Dear Child

Your callings

Swing swing high  

Impearled the sun’s heart    

He wroughts tearful eulogies

Tales at tales from your free soil   

Engraved millions shaded beneath

The radiance crown your forehead

Road to east to your grand journey

Camels fleeted sand desert

To carry your lovers pious threads

To hear your cobalt sea song   

Echoes your boundless dream                                                           

Weaves madras across to amid waves

Midas hands  twin glaives goddess

Open your sky to spread golden wings

LET your boundless dream fly

Your freedom and your wounds

Evilly fractured twisted twins souls 

Now my Child

You are standing at the vernal  

Free and guiltless inner most

Held out your hope to the world 

Sing your wondrous pledge

Let killers’ hear your pious song

Their rusty soulless guns points

Bejewelled the lovers’ blood

Gowned their heroic sacrifices   

No more terrors

But Illuminate freedom

Rise your voice to sing  

To your sacred right 

Sing my dear child


12:26 am 22/05/2011





My Beloved


Dearest O Dearest

My Beloved  

You were in my dream in the morning  

We were at the submit of mountain

There was our grandest fortress

Our horizon opens with sea view

Lovely lofty organza stream

You abounded skeleton wheels

At tortured hills frosty roadside

Hurry pass thought a dry land

Children play at both side streets

They were playing impish season

O they forget to play innocence 

Grown up, a danger they were playing with

I scolded as I was little afraid of them

But they didn’t bother my scolding  

O you were gazing out the horizon

Long chiffon drops smelting fragrance

The gloomy dark sea beneath its mission

Swelling wind winsome voice  

I touch you with tenderness

O Your solitude bestow with vast union

You turn around at me with great sadness 

I asked you “why are you so sad?”

You haggard strains eyes glitter

Riffled willed into millions arrows   

All the sorrowful seasons you had

Pale weariness inner most sagacious

O you were hungry for freedom

You were shackled and chained

I am hungry for freedom!  

I am longing to my season!

O I must go there for her! You said
The vast sea her swelling breasts

Majestic sunset builds his golden nest 

The children fiddle their spring  

Kick shinties on throaty roadside

Your fragrance soil opens her face

Thwacks her long dreamless sleep

From debris wounded edges

Flick tears from frozen skeletons

From the lovers’ lungful sorrows

Agony of seasons comes to her stream

Discard her tainted gloomy gown   

Washes her body with a grand ritual  

With a great care for her lovers  

Opens her valley to the sunlit West

Comes to you with her laurel  


8:30 13.03.11


When I Wake Up With A Beauty



Wake up with a beauty

Nameless flowers

Sing to my morning

Stream of tears open my sky

Beauty made my morning weeps

Seized thousand seasons in my tears

I asked the morning her tearful plea

But she lost her thought in her song

Thought of lovers’ love    

Their love struggles   

I give my life for my love!  Flowers say  

Woeful winds chirpy stars   

Weathered seasons at solace

Sunsets dwells their breasts

Lonesome love into the journey

Then they know their callings

Build their nest at dark corners

Gleaming twilight at lovers’ faces  

Immortalized agony builds their wisdom

Glow with their hopes  

O you come long way my love

From the afar wings of love

Threaded tears rugged smiles

Embroiled lucky charm   

Engraved with heartfelt woeful tales  

The most precious gift


That is the lovers’ bejewelled Crown

They wear it proudly victoriously

For their dark struggles

O their sorrows and terrors

Shivering shadow frosty nights

Their unshakable conviction and belief        

Changed into their virtuosic soil

Thousand journey to Silk Road

Mesmerise time in your eyes

Bleeding crimson flowers

Blooms at your weathered seasons

All the wisdom and tales

Engraved at the songs  

When you don’t’ know things

Blinded happiness can be forsaken

Knowing is agony that made us love more

Sad love gathers us together

Find a warm night at your breasts

Hear their ardent tempos  

See their ardent battles

Their weathered smiles never weathered away

Tears in their twisted smiles 

Our season is coming  

When all dust settles at road side  

Lovers’ lay bleeding flowers at the altar

Cities, field and marinas

All the wound lay rest on our hearts

Memories of lovers their sacrifices 

And, their cold skeletons thwack warm blood

Give perfumed life that enrich us  

Entrust to the boundless horizon

That is wings of love

Softly softly unfolds freedom in your arms

Listen lovers’ confession all night

Remember you should remember

The Lovers’ love

Their gift of Love

All the possibilities

Their dreams of spring


10:59am 27/02/2011




When Moon Is Mad  She Is Made


O she entreaties her night  

Shone cyanic gown silvery feet  

Cycled devil veiled shore

So many hidden symbols tellings

Gathers seamless joys sorrows

O you will be here forever surely

Restless night a gallantry journey

Riding a night horse with crow head

Moonbeam clawed magnificent wings       

Legend of night moon river romance  

Wolf howling a shining golden hilt

Terrorised phobia neon paranoid night   

Tearful green beam plea for dewfall  

O ordinand lush golden sprouts  

My heart fleeing with her gleam

Spidery beam’s pale green gusto

Weaves all night in her purple nest  

Sky builds seamless torn buildings  

Two men weave moonlight triangle  

Paving silver lined rail road to flick

Knight of night across to the bridge

Carries his ten thousand years

Civilization thread for sovereign right

O what an awesome noble obliges

To serve his maiden pillages  

Night is that possible its initiation

Dead rooted stars wit of dark cables  

Their shining eyes are deeply wired  

Holds scepter of the arch dome

Eyes of paranoia eyes of gathering  

Foresee night wake up at pale dawn---

Island O unfold tuneless yellowy glen    

Sing to you my dearest wishes until

Blood shot eyes at rooming gate

Yawing devil lullabies from deep abyss

Haunted nights that matter to her  

Silvery shadows ghostly’ excellent  

Wolf howling wailful cyanic field  

Shrouded white maiden at her death bed 

Reflect her own death so fair so near

Come my child let’s hymn that songs

Sorrowful wounds never wane never vain

Seven seas ever sane ever fang   

Arrange curly waved two poles 

Journey to the life that point to us

Let’s go my beloved, the life calling us

Obliges to my shore fecund gallantry 


first draft 15/01/2011 finished around about at 2:03am 30.01.2011




Come My Love


August road wild field steps

The fairest maiden purest creed

O lovely you are the purest bride  

Crown your head settling wild roses 

Perfumed light in your rich gown

Swipe sun valley golden thread---  


These dark nights wrestled shadows

The dark knight visited us lifts our sinful veil

Tormented us his sinful kisses

Toile woes, our torn wounded nights

Raped anguished night after nights  

O we thought that was forever

What a torturous enslavement was

So I had break a traitorous chain

Free! No more sorrow!  I said to you

Kiss your virgin lips whisper pearly words

I vowed our life in the golden valley

Sheltered for us from the mighty creed

Never suffer from darkness fate  


Woes sorrow die with dark Knight

He taught us tormented wounded love only

Farewell sorrowful maiden lay in peace

Where I buried you darkest grave last night

Umbilical code, sinful creed of blood drop

Exorcised our sinful love   

O my maiden I hold you in my arm

Shrouded with our wounds sorrows

I dug your grave at mountain shadow

Star carved tombstone for woeful melody

That is the finest shelter for our foundation   

Moon wailed with purple tears at stone fences

Carries silvery bier with blooded seasons ‘

Our heart fold together for the new rite

Your wounds fertile numina I will stand for our creed

At the step of Southern Cross

Face of eastern, wings of dawn

Harbinger of the mighty trident    

Rise Rise our crest for new love





The Rose


What a traitor’s thought

The lady is sitting at bright sunlight

Weaves a dark guilty stricken blanket

Splendour raise at a cropping fence

Midday bonanza at green shadows 

Shelter for scentless roses’ valour

Sun mourns at dead roses’ grave  

A full gowned poignant meadow

Walking with thorn-full arrows

O what roses’ life I said to her

Frosty roses painless scream

Ceased at soundless echo

Sorrow that no shadows no shapes

Sought ragged sunbeams

Wreathed at barking silences 

How could you see?

How could you feel?  I asked her

Summer melted nameless distant

Outraged elegy there is no mercy   

O she weaves vehemence thorn

Her knolled hands squished claws     

Poisoned lines lines of her scripts

Pricks every single grips

Those grow with lethal arrows surly

Blazing dead strike to soundless mob

Embossed heartless cold frost

Amorously lick her frozen mouth

All dead roses are for her ritual---

Strips slops of agonies     

Tearful sunset at a weathered street  

Mastery stationed at nostalgia  

Agonised twilight has no shelter for sorrow  

Silence dusk ravenous lone shriek…

Spewed its utter wheels

Embellished her venomous arrows  

Dazzling Trident at the railroad  


11;13pm 23//11/10




When I Look At The Darkness


Rose scented sprinkle air

Greets me with his lonely valour

Hand out softy nostalgic sorrows

Birds fly to their nest for the night

O finest fragrance foliage in their nest 

O what a night what finest night

I lick his laurels leaves for quite warmth

O I don’t want to suffer because of sunset

Think of his grand scheme can offer

Deep yearning for earthly tenderness

Whispers finest reasoned deep tuneful songs

Safely weaves intimate sorrow his loveliness 

Gleam of our wondrous thought tonight

Always makes him smile for long gone seasons

Giant valley builds his allured darkness

Prepared laurel nest for his moonlight

O they will unfold thousand love dreams

My restless thought goes with along his

Guimpes  his lone magic dreams

But I don’t want discourage his solitude

Welcome his laurel of darkness

Loveliness wings of his maiden songs   

Held around his arms to her shoulders   

Summons his weirdness darkness

O dearest little tears for nameless anguish   

Farewell to sunlight for magic twilight

Field of his deep giant shadow

Stands where he should stands for

Comes with a magnificent valour



 BTW: I have to I feel oblige to write this poem today because of 101010.

To Whom It May Concern:


All the people happy in happiness

Sit at overblown egotistical chair 

Cushioned with intoxicated happy in happiness  

Stitches lies and cheats in a deep sacrament

A squeaky ritual of existent

Scruples deeply buried with nameless tombstone

Engraved long gone, aghast agonise of seasons

Yours is a bravely tenured fearful lodger 

Hanging at autumn field as a spineless scarecrow

Dance with false pretence bigotry flappers

Squawk squeak windy bomb bum bum

Come wind dance with my falsehood! It says

Endless false false swings

Frosty profundity noiseless is creeping at abyss

Squished bludgeoning, pressured

You down there darkness forever silently! It shouts        

That way you can sustain

Life life that is bloody life

You learnt how to swing with your bogus custodian yourself

Racketeering your decency phony market

Made you figure rich quaky few gram  

You don’t want to know about the dark side, why should I?  They say

I tell you my friend I am intoxicating myself my own lie

Piously applauded a painless happiness

Hangover delusion illusion of life that is squawky squeaky noise  

Lie to cheat,   cheat to lie and you are happy

Then One fine day under the bogus beeper

You blow whistles, the gadfly 

You remember who you are, you are kidding yourself painfully  

The god-dammed son of bitch you buried long ago and almost forgotten

Creeping you your backbone itchy conscious

Scratch your back with crude saucy scratcher   

That son of bitch has least little decency and innocence

You miss him a little

Then all believe you had in yourself crumples like a sandcastle and

Washed off merciless whore of tides

That made you happy tides with sunbeam face

Barking at dried shore with mid day blur    

Are you happy?  I ask you ---

Why don’t you cut yourself, mutilate crush wounds

Let the world feast your full blown agonies

Here there all the pains pains

Rotten blazing colours to blurry brush stroke

Become a painful bogus’ amorous confident  

Can you hang yourself as others do?  

Coward needs no courage 

Courage don’t tell to coward life is nothing nothing at all

Worthless pieces of little dust lenience rose dean

Command little spring scentless sneeze   

That is all your life





The Summer Child


Sound of mimosa

Mulling island over her head  

The maiden lustrous summer lips

Flowery a salty scented horizon

Lime lined her purest nostalgia

Lone sky augured good names

Life that, that is life we all entitle to

Cargo ship carries a voyager’s life

Across lines of unborn ideas dreams

Greeting her dear summer guest  

O Child, city that build laities

He is coming with his majestic blue gown  

Stepping his earthly rainbow feet

Brings ominous  ancient tales

Seashell feet maiden her summer greeting

Pavilion of his tower of Babylon

We should go there see all things

Once the great name built his dados 

Kingly banquet at his cobalt sea

Bluest cling sound at crystal glass

Intoxication his sagacious winsome voice

O Wings of sky is his royal gown 

Weaves tales of his royal mariner code

Warped the sphere in his talismanic blue    

Come my Child let’s go he says

I am the bird, swing with his multitudes 

Thieve your flowery heart in my childish antics

Monstrous nine head child

Hearing his majestic callings

Endless spinning his winsome irresistibility

Cropping wild rose softy blooming ear lobs

O heavenly minds of ancient cobalt sea

Laugh laugh  Alcinous!  

Open your field feel your callings my child, he says

Held your laurel hands, kiss her delicious mouth  

So I swing I swing with her rhythms  

Stream rivers cloud swing swing her lustrous belly   

Seamless life I dare to renegade

I am the Lord of Sky the magnetic thieve 

I steal nectar for her maiden land    

Invitation of my naughty aunties ---

O I was a thief the flower thief in her summer night

Evoked her deep yearnings  

Clavering dark summer solitude  

Dance with dark red eyed eagles

Cropping nectar her maiden belly



The Beautiful Smiles


Wonder why sunlight carries shadows

That is you and I

Our smile beneath we bear agonis sorrows

But my friend we can forget the unattended shadow for while

We can smile smile  until our bellies torn with pains

We can cry with pearly dewfall tears

Enchanting wild flowers smile their inevitable sunsets  

Then we know we can’t take advantage of our simile so lightly

Imagine without our sunny smile

We can’t forget how vanity of shadow so futile and painful

But my friend our gift of gift

The harshness ugliness and gruesomeness 

Erotises each of them as our own magic potion

That way we can mirror our souls that are rotten

Uncrowned souls ungratefully nested at void

Fiercely defence our believe befit to the grace of sunny smile

Then we can go on as if nothing has happens

That way we can heal our traitorous wounds



2:54pm 12/09/10

The Dark Knight


Deep night I ask you

Who are your are? who send you? 

You are wrestling with ripping wounds

Your allure is burning with darkness

O my thought of you so lonesome

Sky embroidered seamless stars humorous ensembles

Transitory journey into your righteous 

Ever so truthful so grace in my eyes  

Open your clearest palms with full of vengeances

Lethal poisoned words calved into blood

Night O you know when all the things are so sinful

Sin that made you more pure and poisonous

Do you understand the clearest purest confusion?

Poisonousness Knight you are evil

That you and I agree it is our conspiracy

Swing enclose night gently no onlookers but only for us

Open your heart for me only me as we never parted ever

Softly I lay in your arms listen your tales   

O Dark Knight tell me your victories secrets 

Your sovereign valiant war

Whisper the fairest maiden love conquest

Her bold battles her wisest eyes see the whole

Her gallantry how she stands for her formidable deed

O if I make this night strife induce all the stars

What would you say?

Purest heaven gone made perhaps

Put them into the dead house for their dream

Whisper, I kiss your hand

Open your heart and contend your lofty words with

A statute of beauty and grace

Pine smelt mighty dream valiant deed

With clearest mind and eyes of justice

O Dark knight

Calling lightning winged unicorn fit for your fortitude   

Raise your noble sword

Wear your glorious shield

Declare your dark noble war

Lethal tongued iron hands eagle clewed

Cloudy feet messenger send a dead note to enemies

Spurred your fatal arrow to their end  

Hang their falsehood your dragoness abattoir hooks

Blood bathing their wrongdoings

Menacing their end with your noble deed  


12;58am 10/08/10



The Lady of Covent


Soil of convent

Dear lady endurance!  

What a divine clavier!  

Opens your tattered gowned cycle of renewal

Calling your dragon wind from four corners

Recite wisdom sky allure your altar    

Gather your livery tales from shore to shore

Field of field feet of spring  

Harbinger of seasonal renewal your vitality   

Come my child, your warm blood into my vein

O discarded my frosty soul!

O what a long nightmare was 

Your dark knuckled hands calved clews in branches

Caved cures on your river bank

Embittered frosty wails all night

Along side dead  blood frost blooms 

O your frosty womb was in a dead soil

Evil wind cures on your night with their meanness

Shekel shekel!  Your dead womb no seed grow! They said  

What embittered nasty meanness

Here you are the lady of convent

Rite of your promised field

Wisest eyes seethed deep compassion  

Full of agony engraved from stream of streams  

An origin of great rite 

Your boarded little warmth in your skeletonised back

Sunken face rugged tales of all season

Engraved of symphonic bequest

Discarded graced dirt in here there

Traceless your lusty summer

O your vigorous earth never desert you surly

You start again, plough skeleton soil scatter dearest hopes  

Drumming warmth and generosity  

Spreading seeds for your promised season

Evil wind curses on your mightily ritual

Convent of soil blood of life

Unveiling your  fortitude renewal

O lady dance your  rhythm

Edged of sword feet of chivalry

Weave your radian garment field of  mirage

Hurricane wings  seasonal feet  

Gilding lighting  from mid night to dawns break 

Swing around branches

Thwacks sodden cloud in the river

Prunus mume kiss to the rite harbinger

In your snowy breasts at cold bird nests

Volition and perseverance

Cropping beauteous graces in your every steps

Touches y softy softly your maiden hands 

Scent of pales green yellow rosary lips 

Recite your livery valour   

Sheltered storm fence to field

Sings lady my dearest lady

Songs of earth that blessing us forever ever

Cycle of endeavour

Symbol of fortitudes

Symbol of goodness



 1:05pm 8/8/10


The Man


He was a wind

He opened a side glances

Soundless wings of wind 

Stalking deep shattered greenery   

Lock rumbled cloudy wood  

Hobbled dark breasted streets

Squall through chilly iron gate

O night fisted his near distant

Bounded stars amass dark sphere

Sits for while bonny branches    

Hovering over a wounded bench

Friendly smile stone edged face

Enraptured his frosty cortege

Rugged lightened damp coat

O shadowy deed darkness altar

Shield for your maiden distant

Wear your bravery dark corsage  

Misty life where children play   

Wharfing field endless tales

Under lamppost long shadow

Heroes’ memory unsung voices

Tuneful galore mighty wonders

Endowed young nightly bride
O touches softly her maiden grief   

With joyful children for his armor

Calling other times, life that is life

Ancient fragment fit for decency 

Centuries ago ordinate tombs

Could not go there so alone     

He whispers in his concealed lips  

O dear friend, tell me your desire    

Tell me your nightly life!  Distant

That was no men’s land

O tell me why you had go?  

Night opens his dusky gate 

Bard’s tears on misty rivers

Sphere raced night until to dawn break  

Thousand years ago from here  

Night settled his land

Red moonbeam desert chastised mist  

Skeleton love dance with stars

The last flower of red desert

The only girl sings song

Raise your shining armor!

Death is prevailing!

Rise ghost! From your grave!   

Bejeweled with your courage

I said to you the land belong to you no one but you 

I said to you my friend

Ruins civilization one two three…

Captious of pyramid

O sun is graying graying Riding his throne

Don’t go there O

Come with me your transitory  

Fertile land where children plays

While your damp coat

Lighten up frost all night

Creeping your bride window

Hunt her maiden mourn  


1:19 am 5/07/10


Let’s Go


Our life our love

Enfold all joys sorrows

Confess little inner secrets

Struggles and braveries

There is no pretentious

Deep feeling of our own  

Allure ourselves little more

Make our sorrow disappears

Stretches out warmth supernal

Kindness blanketed with love

Gravidities that warps cosmos 

Neither short life nor miracle 

Think of our rich transitory

All the tales there with us

Vivid legacy of our own  

The Giant fool’s hopes

Wrestles with mad shadows

O We can lift mountains surly

Our blameless strain life

Gifted us feel the precious 

Sometimes gift of victors   

Sometimes hate of losers

Nothing to ashrams of my love

Pity on our own follies

Charmed by feeble illusions

But we know the entire true

Aren’t we my dearest friend?

Nothing to sad about just that is

Put aside our sadness for while

That think of our brilliant only

We can see our own solitude

Sunset at his supernal glory

Crowns his lone greatness 

You and I all the same

Like the vast horizon 

Our own heroic endeavor

That is our life


11:40pm 27/06/10


The Spider Man


A dark spider man

Hangs on vine clips

A Peaceful dreamy shore

White gowned maiden

Stony faces at summer fence

Breasts feed cobalt silence

O shore housed lazy grapes  

Dangle gales molting air

Sacrament to the shining sky

Tales of strings feet of tides

Carved stone street vine tales  

Sky opens his lone sphere  

Spews timeless essence  

Finest masonry sunbeam life

Token of his love in pavement

The Spider man held all seasons  

For his maiden summer

Coming with his vine laurel

Twill swell teal upper arms

Welling toward his day moon

Unfold his white linen peace

Brooding steep mountain  

His love is sunshade stanzas

Host of my mid day bonanza

So We go there the love shore

You and I Always

The dream of waves

The Spider man weaves 

All season in his golden net  




Who Are You?


Slider sheaf of blush

Beanies of lone mirage

A warily chiffon gowned  

Dearest girl O dearest love

Without fear soft touch

Peach blossom in her head

Slender arms around his neck

Softly whisper at frosty ears  

Read text of his divine life

Sing a legend of lively pillars

Dream of life beneath gray

All the love are hidden

Shaded with bright wits 

Seize love evoke his dream

Weaves inception of images  

O wake up from your long sleep

Begin journey of love

From grave to lively field  

It is time girl your love time

Purest song tunes gladness

It is a time revolt his dead heart  

Tow mirage of his hued wings

Flying with myths folklores

A ruler of air lures foliage

Warm distant moor the wind 

Warm mouth plucks his silence  

Twill his steps rugged sunbeams   

Thousands mile cross rivers

Gladness frost your pearly scent

Dance dance my love

Wings of thaw stretch arms

Wonder feet twills mount 

Enfold my heart with mirage wit

Grant the life that you discarded

Sorrow that entraps in a shelf

O graced of your genius wit

Turn fate that blooms beauty

Clothed love seizes an honor  

Just that promises greatness

Fortitude soil cycle of life  

Stream flows song of valley

All thing devotee of you


12:33pm 20/06/10





A Mad Woman


O Autumn you finally mad

Dear torment wears heart out

Cropping lone fading street love

Augured your silvery cleavages

Open cold breasts for winter chill

Tinted feeble sunbeam in forehead    

Frosty love aimless strewn faces

Sun tends a down trodden your grace

“Bugger off!” nasty conniving wind

Stalking his ugly nagging shadows

 Breathless rests on people’s eardrops  

O sad child like innocent still spring

Hangs on the tippled naked branches

Winter tribes’ abandonees’ ritual  

Tearful dew in solitude bird nest  

Shiver in your frosty aching pain 

O let you that way, in your affection  

Few dead leaves in your gray hair   

Crowned your forgone glory  

That way O you never lonely 

Once you were in love so in loved

Blood that green tears that golden ropes

Crimson heart that rips wildness joy   

Sunbeam belly danced lovers’ night

O you were so affectionate then

Now you are mad with a muffled love

O digs your hills at a silence sea

Weary branches hang on grey eyes  

Cares only your frosty alliance

No sorrow in your madness  

Only happiness in that madness  

Don’t feel the grave desolation

Your hollowed ritual eyes

Only see the unbiased fairness

Where everything seized to live 

You could love without warmth  

In that way you could not feel

Endure until pledge of spring   


2:09pm 06/06/10


Tearful Autumn


All the grieving leaves

Colorful tear beam on their grave

Engraved their own eulogies

Bleeding hearts dabbles in here there

Covering up their morbid faiths

O all summer how they laughed

Enchanting ever green smile

Weaved ever lasting love with me

They had so many unsung dreams

Written every leaves with forth

Here now their red golden graves

Dried squished their beauty

Songs of song painfully sing to

O wind silence your meanness

Entwine laden heads earthly pillows

Let them sleep peacefully in their grave

Suffer not their unsung souls

Wondrous dream they dreamed

Victorious hope they had forever

Swiped to the end of the horizon

Echoes with spring full blooms

O heroes with colorful gowns

To my evergreen garden again


11:01 am 18/05/10


Monster Rise Dark Sea


Moon dead night lone afar

Sealed sea prepare a demonic ritual

Ancient casts a momentary seized

Stars waves their grave in dark islands

Ghostly winds wings of wreckages nest

Stannic cloudy terror mirrored at dark sky

Haggard horizon dawn less dawn

Pure sphere build a might love

Naked sea is bathing her darkness

Deadly wounds begotten darkness

Brooding waves’ soundless sea  

Morbid song are drumming in abysm

O Sea listens demonic confession

TDong… Ddong… wretched mourn

O cry cry out your agonies

Spited cold blood venomous claws    

O Rise rise monstrous legend

Ominous your thunderous agony

Silences grave thunderous grave

Pearly sprit dearest soul dead sea  

A dark circling goddess faced to sky

Open deep casket copious tenderness

Propel cloudy wings shriek long distant 

Hell of deceit, executioner of greediness

Coiled killer beat feeble falsehoods 

Custodian of mightiness

Darkness mirror soul to the sky   

Wounded vengeful sinister sea

Birthing dark silence vernal rage

Dark bitterness wild callous sky

Tempest eyes muttering horizon

Grave sea birthing a coiled monster

An embolic tsunami hailed feet

Hailed hailed dearest earth

Hailed hailed purest heaven


2;30 am 24/04/010




Autumn Love

All things are seized

Under my fierce autumn lips

I live the behind moonbeam

His offensive shadowy dark love


A great affair with battered flowers

A purest heart wrathless sunshade  

Colorful twig mournful streams

Fabled warmth of unpaved turns


O, in this coddles autumn dusk

Twin moonbeam heartbroken nests 

Hear lone stretched nightly burning

Tearful tantrums of sorrowful mood  


My turbulent season in a canvas

Bold brush strike with foulest clefs  

Tainted song that I sing for bilious

Great sanctorum for his nobility


O Love, love agitates it craves zest

Discarded my heart under forage 

O woeful dew shattered moonbeam

I dare not curse untamable circle after


O autumn garden mores lone limbs  

Colorless shadow long gone voices  

Golden sun abhorred his protégés  

Curses on his miracle lively intention


I longing for savage crushed love

Love that rages in a wild dark mood

Hideous thought sucks crimson blood

A horrid credo of mighty autumn love


10:31pm 20/04/2010



Rapist Poofter  God


Amazing thick skin god-asses

Skunk poofter god fucking asses

Pedophilia gracious church reed 

I read them all in my bare eyes

I can not believe god surprised me  

Rapists are hidden under god’s blanket

Esters rapists are carnival of animals

Jovial land, a kingdom of  poofters

Rapist paradises  marsupial wryest  

Racking rope dangles cross hope to die 

O god, name of god I rape! They said

Any boy possession of venal god

Altar flamed   carnivorous endeavor

God dammed blanket, full of hell holes

Blessing fathers’ blanket follies gullies

Romping field fence dance god ass

O god forgive me celibacy is their ass 

Banal toads’ squabbles rosy peddles

Proofer god is riding his peeping anal

O fathers kiss your inflamed secrete deed  

Hangs on natural air paired despair 

No more god saint virgin whores    

Whipping vow crucifixes now

Hymen torches “halleluiah hell!” 

Flattering ass horse leech dung

Jolly moldy fairest pair near grace   

Here is the godly god-dammed god

Desire anal fallacy boys cankers   

Heavenly godly raping ass

Godly toil in a veiled land  



10;20am 4/4/10


April Fools Day


I said to you April

Go to mountains with cloudy silk feet

Doe breathe across vine naïf  

Drops of dew lofty sunbeam face

Writ jovial gully wild buds

Blanket of grassland ancient linage  

Weaves road at a loci intersection

Trade with vast sages, fools wisdoms 

In spite of all they are in

I come to April’s insolence

I will name few they will fail

O, April tree’s deceit, ruffed buds

April cherry blossom worthless beauty

Fleeting beauty breathless tenure    

Spread under the tree rootles falsehood

O air don’t despair

There is always empathy of fools

Aril under the April tree   




The Day Moon


How I long to be your shadow

Open your twilight with my sunset  

Weaves your golden waves

Rustling through musing glows

Tides nest rustles with waft

Glitter gowned tucked into dreams

Go over islands wet feet pearly hair

Mouthful dew at moonbeam field     

Lingering shadows at purple street

Weaves silence song evidently

O I come to you near you with sunset

Ride with spidery golden threads

Teary pearly eyed child of dark

Touches soft clip nightly ballad

That way you and I always


10:03pm 30/03/10




The Cemetery


O I want to live! 

I don’t want to die, can you hear me?

Listen! You god dammed son of bitches

I have no sympathy for you all!  

Thoughtless air stuffy scentless

Breathless time in a giant terror

Stationed terrain airless abyss

Golden scripts scream of horror

Void air wreathed dark earth

All but bare O but stark bare

No heartbroken seasons in streams 

No wounds to amend

No soil for seed twitches its root

Driest earth cracked its foreheads

Faultless void dead breasts

O where is lusty blood to crave life?   

O air breath! Pump the life! 

That has all seasons and all beauties

Dewfall mouths trembles with fragrance

Broken shadow light with tender

Dwarfed warmth weathered thunders

Speak to me loudest seasonal howl!   

Snowy streams herald thwacks

Lustrous maiden unbuttons her breasts  

Autumn ruby garden her golden lineage

Midst frosts’ feeble green lips  

That has promises ardent yearnings

Coiled tongues gut-wrenching arrow

Night that vividly burn lovers’ bed

That break dawn undulated another beginning… 


Here, lined masonry dry wombs

Golden scripted atolls silence barking air  

Hold dreaded shadow roofless utter  

Air that no flow no blood no breath

O Mighty time sleep on squared heads

They never run for centuries surly   

No frontier march for future

Labyrinth grey terror lays on pillows

Intriguing soulless souls epitomic despair

Skeleton scarecrow held aimless crosses

Golden hand shakes god-dammed useless god

You speak to me you god dammed souls!  

Don’t tell me you have no wit of earth

Don’t tell me you have no air to breath

Don’t tell me you have no season to flow   

Silence abyss in a dark earth…


O Air you burn! Vivid alive!

Kiss me, your fragrance mouth 

In my vein, thrust a carnivorous tongue

Blazing crimson blood flow in stream

Drained centuries and civilizations

Thwack April blooms weathered gap

Heroic endeavor that has scores








When I Sleep


I go his noble wings

A slop of lullaby cradle

A golden chaperoned chariot

I ride my night his gallantry  

Softly unfolding his horizon

Stars born palms of his hands

A light crown on his head
Open his vast starry space
Hymn for their tenor patiently

Grand rob splendid dark process

Kowtow! All your little stars!  

Milky way bridge breathless fear! 

Awe! Dark nodding eastern ally

Behold wisdom!  Bow deeply!

Here he comes with thunderous thought

Little stars fear his noble intention!

O this night no vanity but tender  

Past through his impious line

Arrivals at his matchless land

Humble all your little stars be humble…!

Twinkle in your eyes be humble …!

Standing, bow deeply his steps!  

I muse at his noble temple

Eagle clewed dark drought air

Scepter stirs the air, lay on firmly

Filed void of his ardent life  

O hear hear the Great Spirit

Spare your imperial intention

Evoke long gone heroic tales

Trumpet of his victorious deed 

Blanket of my nightly journey


5:21am 20/03/10



The Prophet


This morning

He wakes up from a misty steam

Found his night is gone without trace

So he ask pearly dew from leaves

Did you see my night?

Drool droll shining beaming faces

O I saw her corner of your eyes

Waverly songs from your nest 

Flowers’ sunbeam your mouths 

Mountain creeks little gullies

Blooms with bejeweled circlets

Lush faith takes her places

Without traces with trace

O in this morning

The night will come again

With trace without trace

In your foreheads 

Possession of love circlet


5:03am 18/03/10



Love Assault


Did you see the flower?

O I saw I was there with wind

Embezzled secrets love sonnet  

O she was a blush red face

Hidden staved shades a ritual bed      

Midday sun was assaulting her

Coy petals, her defenseless inner

Breasts untied with saffron leaves

River moaned softly blue tune  

Bird’s song wimbled lazy air

Silence sky furious at distant

Sun stealth raping her afternoon

What a bastardy! her strain lips

Purple pinks little yellow myth

Mastery his mouth utter lick

O flower you can tell me

What a love sacrament is

For your childish entice   


8;45pm 16/03/10





Unborn stillness

Opens her book with boldness

A dark pleated skinless legend

Breathing soft restless thoughts

In this night I will open her skull

Her high cheek born beneath eyes

All the diamond stars stands

Intelligent mouth mighty words

Speak to me in your expounders eyes

Open your divine breasts

Nourish me with your golden spur   

Make Apollo jealous Venus envy

O I can be a torch for your darkness

Make this night for our extraordinary

Fuelling both side strengths  

Your madness and my rages

Weaves both end that mightily

Filled restless minds precious gaps

Our tenacious will is storm lantern              

Go over voluptuous purple sea

Open eyes to the giant sky  

Where golden waves spread wings

Rear her lone twilight shores

Her night going to a deep fold    

On a soft soundness blanket
O hear distant opens the chapter

Drew dream on essential branches

Heart strewn dusk at chimney tops

Birds across seasonal lake to nests

Airy twilight tumbles over waves 

O appealing night casting her nest      



11; 52pm 12/03/10


Vermillion Sunset


Beyond nostalgia

The lone distant, infinity  

He lives woeful twilight zone

Signal, lone strips brush stroke

O he is opening an evocation

His heart filled with lone love

Invite me his wide vermillion table

Bare his somberness in a divinity

Nothing matters girl! He says

Possession in his shadowy street

Among shy flowers, perfumed fairies  

Fold their face his immense beauty  

Our souls glow magenta golden

Silhouette cloud Milky Way Street

O what a spectacle love gesture

Building shades ominous silence

People busy across his lone nests

I go to him I go to him, magnificent

Where, all the mysteries of life

Happiness sorrow stricken with glory  

Grieve with nostalgic agony of seasons

Lone heroes burn their infinity

Open vintage of glory crimson

Filled with victorious mystery life

Gazing at lovers sorrowful songs  

We drink until our evocation burn

We mirrored bitterness sweetness  

Open our tuff of enchantment

Innocent souls that we left long ago

We could be our own ghosts

The summer meadow knightly nights

Pumpkin shade white moon flowers

Dragonfly are busting stars at milky way

Dark cynic bridge green mouthed summer

Weaves purple moon in her white blanket

Shot love arrows to the ghostly heroes

Our enchant tongue capture their hearts  

O I go I will follow his crimson love

Happiness in his vermillion horizon

Surly love burn with woeful scent


8;39am  08/03/2010




Thanks to the God


A priest at a wedding ceremony  

Hold out his godly preaching 

His cozy little life 

Matrimony of until death apart

Garden of Eden

So here is today

All gather together  bosoms of god

His red eyed horns in his head

Smiling tainted his rotten teeth

His preaching is bloody and ardent

Glare at stupid bridal naggers

Held his god neck in his hand

Believe god, your idiots! He says

Here is your god-dammed god undisputable

You don’t know what is god is

So I give to you what you want to believe

He is in my hands, I hold his neck

Believed me this is your god 

I will show you he is alive within you

Fresh blood full blooded

I can cut his throat

Show you his blood as evidence! he declare


The bride says

O father thank you

Your grace!  

I have now a full license to fuck him

Until death apart us!  



9;57am 8/03/10


March Thunder


Raged thunder lives across sky

Burning sky keeps lighting clews

Firing through March Street

Mad silvery frenzy devastation

He was crazy that is why

Southing at his own madness

He was happy with his rampage

Building tops on streets smashed trees

Made them scavengers  

Banging people heads blow leaves

Slivery fire fuming flooded mouth

His eyeballs popping out dangling sockets

Flying lighting hits everywhere

Blow off Southern Cross roof

Pouring tongue at people faces

Violation of virgins’ nipples

Savagery tongue raping them  

He is conniving angry beasts

Silvery haired from a golden country

He is telling them how stupid they are

Hits hits flights flights all afternoon

Enthralled by his magnificent anger

I gave him full applauds

He comes from Kakadu

Follow me all the way

Punish people their selfishness  

What a magnificence  he is!  

Flick hit poles hit again


Lively his forever land


 6;27pm 6/03/10


A Girl at a Rose Bush  


Strange, always when I across a cemetery

Along a university old stone fence

A girl in her summer dress at her white rose bush

Was calling me closely, whispers

Her snowy rose buds silence sad smile

Could hear her wounded crushed lullaby

So I spoke out for her voice clearly

How could you do that?
I can do everything! 

I love in here always peace in here! She said

My voice 7 years old childish clear

She was happy when I spoke her voice

Child rose buds full of sad enchantment  

Sometime she frightened me so I past her rose buds fast

She just stood there held at me bundle of thorny silence

Her white rose mouth lone wicked wondering

Scentless cemetery her rose summer dress

Nights when I past her rose bush

Her dark thought made me shiver 

“Be nice little girl you are my friend!” I assured her   

I sang to her a woundless lullaby

Saw her tears her horrible tears I made her cry

She could be little happy in there surly

But she always catches up with me

Make me think of her when I am not go to her  

Cemetery full of golden eulogy

Rose buds don’t need meaningless elegy

A little rose buds fit for her   

Ate my heart with her rose buds lips

Deathless silence sang so many tales  

Step steps stone to stone at lone engraves   

Dead love was greeting under silence buds  

Today I went over there again  

Glimpse of her, hear her voice  

Along I met dead people wedding parade

A university chapel was all about death begin

Crushed wounds laugh with hollow farces  

O what a ritual! Grand tragic entrance

A nevermore bride nevermore cheerless in a hell!  

Dead love buried old stone fence

A bride with black shrouded wedding gown

Walk with her own coffin held rose buds

Unloaded a tedious genial ritual

A snowy white rob priest preaching sun

Blessing morbid clemency of nevermore   

His soft hands held a cheap god

Selling gratitude of tainted charity

Cemetery girl gild with dark bouquet    

Waited for her mate in her stone pavement

I gave her my little lullaby for her gift


5:45pm 6/03/10




I Am the Terrible


A moon dead night

I love this dreadful darkness

Lovers' calling from ancient sea

Aplomb, my journey to darkness

Initiate horrid sea silence lullaby

I am the alchemy sea monster

Heads with seven seas

Wild eyes slur peril of darkness

Rise rise from exorcised draconian  

Conniving axiom wings of storm  

Fortitudes of my incoercible sea 

White sky soft hands thin lipped horizon

Entombed his dead bride whit raging horror

I see her ancient lathed elegy 

Then I rise from in her silvery bed

Make my devil altar to seers’ forth

Opened sky breasted her islands ships

Callings clement of lone echoes

O He response with phenomena

Irrespirable lovers’ of darkness

Enfant terrible, comes with valor 

Piped his worldly sins I gulp  

Unclips his tainted sphere to ride

His inaugurating dark spheres

Center, where I am his sphere

Dark night when everything dead

I open the moon beam with a lullaby

Feast her with my slivery spoon

Slit her thousand pieced monthlies 

Let her bleed to death 


March 4th 2010




I send a messenger to enemies

Declare a war, the victorious war

My finest tuned mind clear

Ready to sail to earth and flying air  

Laid charts shores sky water fronts fields

All things that perfectly in their places

I positioned in a throne surround by sacred word

Select their cores formidable valor into life   

Laid a foundation structuring their incivility

Parthenon of goddess, wit of courage and boors   

Under tutelage ancient sages from all corners

Construct designed the fortress I deserve

Until dawn I chiseled them into a finest sword

A great wit alive! A beauteous divine grace!

Vileness clews sculpture of epitome

Allied with victors’ heroic wisdom

Breathing into the crucial inspiration

My sword, my soul and my chief

Be spoken word of radiant tongues

Cut the waters deeply in every edges

Gather storms every shores vile of menaces 

Extinguishes fire invaded thieves nests

Execute entire scrofulous villages towns

Cut them thought their cowered spirit      

Landing at shores with disease plagues

Annihilated their entire root no seed grow


4:06am 27/02/010


Peach Tree in Bloom


I dreamed peach tree blooms

A pink bloom girl hangs her neck

At Van Gogh peach tree in bloom

Tiara with lazy cloud O spring

His ardent land view is clear

Spring pink fairy child madness  

A pink dressed girl flowery head  

Hangs her neck at a bloomed branch

Swings swing peach storms    

Pink  lullabies peach blooms

Warm breasted spring cradles

Lifeless smiles engross face

Spring dangles with full affection

Hangs her neck at peach tree

Blooms every branches

O spring, a dear dead child   

Under the divine tutelage  

Fleeted spring at Milkway bridge

Dead spring clips her neck  


11;04 am 27/02/10


My Name is a Rogue


Alan calls me the Rouge

So I am the Rouge

He says I am quite mad but I am fully mad

You have no manners and a great pest,

A nasty brat  deadly tongues,

When you have another project start? He asked

Go to run, wear you off the dreadful energy,

Up you go!  He says---

I am the Killer Rouge telepathy vision

Menacing,   terrorized greedy thieves liars

Pierced them into my devil’s eyes

Dissect their toiled deceptions

Evil menace to their gutless souls---

So I am on my road for my new endeavor ---

I have to tell myself

Insanity is grand and dreadful is nobility

Please be mad not a half but fully

I am a devil incarnation

I am the goddess magnificent and horrid for thieves  

Be afraid me you thieves liars    

I roar from the midst dawn sky

Feet with tsunamis forces  

Goddess of infernal  carnage

Zillions Athena heads    

Under her wisest tutelage

Ruthless mind is clear

Lit eternal flames in my eyes

Calm golden seas face of atlas

Embezzle all the ancient wisest specters

Helmeted with winged lion

Thunder sword one hand

Shield with gorgon carnage

Armored wicked serpents veiled horridness  

Lanced with evil tempos

Charioting lighting gazillions dark thunders

Steer heroic ghostly stars from sevens seas

Allied with a great vileness

Worldly clews with blood-bathing violence  

Riding them with merciless cruel brutality 

I am The Killer Satan, carnivorous

I am the executioner

A blood-lust the slaughter

Kills thieves lairs harvest their heads

Come you thieves’ traitors fraudulent

I take your life in my mighty inferno

Roast your blood with my conniving flame  

Flaying your skin alive

Chains you in howling fears in agonies line

Slicing your souls thousands pieces

Dishonor your worthless guiltiness life

Entombed into thousands meters hell


12:51pm 21/02/10


The Voice


Girl tell the truth

Yes I am telling the truth

I never lie the truth that I am telling

I am only telling the truth to whole

That is people want to hear

That is how I learn to

Ever since I left my small village

Everyone is telling me

You must tell the truth! 

You must learn the truth!  

So I learnt how to I tell the truth

I learnt how steal the truth

I cheat truth that made me the truth

Since truth made from nothing

As long as what they want to hear

That makes me the truth and honest 

Disciple of sincerity

So I know who I am, I am the telling the truth

I know every truth

As people don’t know what they don’t know

Since I know people want to hear

That makes me truly sincere

So I tell so many things truthfully

I don’t know which one is true or lie

So I believe I am still telling the truth 

And then

One day the voice tells me

Look around girl! So

I look around to see people

Full of hypocrisy truly masked

Killers tell the their truth

Thieves tell their truth

Everyone  has their own trash of truth 

O they wear them with grace

Telling me they are pinnacles

O that baseless pinnacles

Rootless deception crumbles 

Crippling headless cankers diseases

Flee to coward road 

I am still telling the truth persistently

Kill useless tyrants  

I the  tyrannicide!


February 2010





O sinners’ wild night

Besieged pierced inflames

Summon her up from deep sea

O rise wild night smelt of sin

Devil’s evocation beastly urges

Rude intrusion ignition thrills

Willed instinct her inner sanctuary

No place for her burring desire

Thirsty tongue licks his lone caber

As his gaze is cruel and offensive

Takes his challenge in this night

Carnivores illicit mist in a lone valley

Rises fiery hurricane at sinners’ night

O Ocean wails her sorrowful ecstasy

Roaring monster in her hellish belly

O Ocean you are dead million times over

Your disastrous inflames desire

In this mad wild whoring night

Armored fire in every blood stream

Agonized cry their animally distant

Listen their own violent copulation

Foray not beloved in your cold eyes

Behold your inflamed night mightily

She is a pure instinctive beast so as you

Scented toil at tattoo feasted lighthouse

Coiled inflame gusts in very shores

Thunder shrouded sea wails all night

Burn together until dawn then

Shy dawn at sinners’ confession 

Broken vows at morning’s foreheads

Day shall not holds your violation


6;09, 27/1/10


When I die


When I die

I want to be your summer flowers

My body rooted deep fertile soil

Blooms pearly dews enchanting drops

Ensnare your heart from at dawn break  

A mirrored sky holds on your eyes to whole   

Beaming golden shade unfold lustrous wonder

You remember always my faithful summer  


When I die

I want to be your autumn garden

A folk road embellished splendor  

When you walk with a precious solitude

My ponderous song that you shudder

Engrain empathy to your profound soul  

Reveals the beyond thing within you

Truth, you will be the lover forever


Your tenderness to desolations

Sorrow that inflects your devotion   

Haunting callings poignant possession

Silvery benches wet with ghostly tears

Veiled sunset crowned at twilight forehead   

Mending spoiled wounds from sacred lips

Victorious guidance for your fortuity  


When I die

I will be your emblem of warmth

Clad your frozen dream from my wealth

Plucks legends, fruits of snowstorms

My blood thwacks new life from skeletons  

Mantles for your nightly dead nights

Besiege the golden moment you long for

Toggled with wretched land forward



I will be your dazzling spring dales

Sunbeam grooved mind of future  

Peach dale mighty blooms deed stream 

Stretches scent mirage to lone frost

Ascendant children April faces  

Grows with innocence and happiness

Then you know our union forever


10:01, 24/1/10



You are Your Empire


Don’t say that you can’t

There is no such word for us 

Everything in this world we can do

Even if that takes eternity  

Sometime it has different guise

As long as this world this universal

This little wild flowers similes

Their unsung faith on road sides

The dear transitory you feel within you

Why we hurry? All the time within us  

We come this world with miracles

Weaved from the universal splendor

Looking into yourself your own mirror

Oceans, mountains and countless stars of sky

You make yourself a home

Open a window withdrew cloud that you have

See the vast universal from your front porch

You are walking toward to your universal

See the magnificent spirit you born with 

Find yourself within everything

That is spins without stop

Weaves all the seasons all the time

All the wisdoms and trickeries

When you summon your faithful subject

Sit at your throne and commend

That is your empire


10:45am 14/01/010



The Primary Man


He is roaring at mountains peaks

White rob shining morning star at dawn  

With golden wings clewed with Albion sword 

Wisdom of earth sound of ocean fire of justice  

Face of dawn rising from lionized cities

Hoarding his enflame ancient entourage

His sunbeam eye sees enchanting truth

Piecing through every thought of ours

Victor’s steps boundless clad waves

Initiates every shores every lovers’ dreams  

Winter, his timeless wisdom melts frosty fountain

His enclave hands hold for the ragged seasons  

We hear herald of song stream at his spring field

Ploughs and sawing seed of wealth at his imperial land

Golden glen spouting in his fertile shores

Summer, his luscious maiden gowned with lush green

Proclaims his entourage of vital life

Busily weaves field of nectar to his eternal life

At autumn O golden fruits at his myriad

He says, come friends we share!  


11;55am 6/01/010




Well music consist our desire

We want to live forever like  music

Gowned with a spring mantel

This sound this rain this night

Intoxication with dreams of zealous

Enfold woundless sacred hands

Foreplay a hidden requisite

Deep crimson sentiment in a glass

Sorrow, admiration and gratitude 

Expressive thunderstorm contralto

O this will stay forever for our supernal

Melody that embosomed our hearts

Color that drowned to our agony

Horrid emotion that engraved our love

Harold of life that our portrayer 

Torrential rainstorm lighting flag polls

Lick my lips, recite revolutionary lyrics

Wash you and me and entire world

Kakadu your dark obsolete

O your threatening power

Let the world know

Love is pure blatant bloodshed


9; 55pm 01/01/010


To The Beloved Alan


I give you my life

Warps into a woundless garment  

Immutable crimson words of honor

Thunderous glory for your wondrous spirit    

Crown for your enchanting vision 

Medallion for your enduring bravery ---

Your imagine world of endless possibilities

Your possession that conquers eclipse

Dazzling souvenir for your endeavor

Spring of your boyish enthusiasm

Origin of life that bear changes

Flourished fertile for civilizations

Recites undying love beneath the sun

I then open world of my burning breasts

Unrolled talismanic host for your passions

Luminous beloved shade for your forth

I kiss your heroic champion feet

My lyrical laureate lips


5:56am 01/01/2010

You, Ugly Flower


You, ugly flower, what a bulgy greedy 

No heart to care but only greediness 

Your scentless face feeble smile

No harmony but draggled conflict

Attract only ignorance souls


O greedy is a wasteland fanatic

Belong to lethal diseased frosty wombs

Begotten rampant deceits as medallions

Bears only string of dead crops

Codeless shrouds of necropolis


Your flattery is trailing of garter squad 

Rootless fright for heartless follies

No deed for spring but only wastelands

Do I know? O do you want to be cared?

No your ruins soul meet only deception


To you only deedless traitors

Your fate only for a frosty season

Meanness greeting barren minds

Weaves strewn wind at rippled pretention  

Portages of inference in a graveyard


O your selfish provinces  

I see your headless body strewn at guillotine

Your rootless face statured dead drills  

Your frost womb fondles at gravestones  

Whistle windy trolled at your burial


8:06 pm 24/12/09



Speaking with Ghost


O brief, blinking thunder   

Hold your flamed hands

Let’s dance with shafting 

Passage through our time

Where no threads no names

Just only you and me

Dismayed not by slowest time

Tweeds with horned honor  

A crowned victor’s forehead

Inflamed torch world of fames--

Arrows of blinded cruelty

Fears cankers morbidity

Belongs to evil doers

Bedding with a frosty womb

Begotten futile end

No place for realm of nobility--    

O inspire victor  

Don’t shy your deepest desire

Negation yourself from a grave  

Rise, rise from your ashes

Fire dance with me your honor   

Gruesome is pure, nature is fair 

Greatness begin with tyrannical soil

Belong to gulf of originality

Gifts to these who endured

O my immortal beloved


6:00 am 14/11/09


 Lofty Sound of My Dream


Who plucks my dream?

Dewfall desire circling solace  

O I blame you not my tears

Softly silently lifts your veil

Wings of night to affection   

Devotee of my beloved

O I don’t cry your loftiness  

I dare not suffer your splendor

Carry me to choral hills and field

Where love is infinite and pure

Seashells busts their cobalt giggles

Heartbroken tides hold wavy hands  

White mouthed summer lazuli songs

Gowned at a lone magenta shore

O dear my love dearest my land

Weaves lovely sounded her nest

He is free supreme in his visage

O life is devotion honor and love  

Beauty is power to cosmos  

Belong to only the wounded 

Without strains how they know

Soul wafts in her ardent desire

From beyond the moment

Sorrow we bear the fleeting

That is her kind of bequest  

Affiliation of the power 

To His forever ever land


6:35am 10/12/09


Dolphin Song


O people love me

I am a creature of loving

The Wiz King at boundless horizon  

With deep sky velvet gown

Wings of my land face to the sky

Swing jump swing love chase

Pass through radian waves

Sleepy cloud witchery innocent

I am free, tender and supernal

A brave devotee of my love

Moon weaves her charm in my nest

Her silvery cradles wimpled feeling

Lone lullabies her sable eyelid valley

Amours tides among my guests

We dance all nights island to island

Shore to shores wondrous joy

Silvery feet cargos ships

World of wonder, beyond myriad 

Incarnation east to dawnless west

O evening gaze my grand fair   

Busy rituals in a sleepless night

O crimson flowers at the equinox

Precede crown in my forehead

Timeless ordinate at ever billow

Glowed magenta sunset in my face

Romance with the heavenly equator

Brown people lit fire at twilight gates

Smelting jasmine breasts at white night

Love drums under milky way

Lustrous shoreline I dance with moon

Hold her in my courteous arms

Swing swing boundless lazuli

Flip, I am the King of Wiz

The herald of great host


9:00am 6/12/09


Looking for Beauty


I tell you a story, my friend,

Funny, sometimes ago

What is the beauty? I asked myself

So I went around everywhere

Looking for the beauty

What is the beauty looks like? 

Did you see beauty? I asked people too

Finally one day, I met people

I see beauty all the time

I write I speak I eat with beauty every day!

Here is our beauty, have a look! They offered

O I was so happy to able to see the beauty, my friend

Their sacred confession of inner beauties, humbled me deeply 

So I become their bosoms mates

And their beauty was my salvation

I gallop down it with incessant gastro

It feed me mighty hallucination and I became a gigantic monster

Their beauties are gaited with vanity 

Foul tighten fancy gown with pouring ego button holes

Tattered with self-crumbled monogram

Bangles with fat bellies

Pickled with enormous sourness

Boogie with colossal arrogant 

Enlightened with limitless deceits

Under garmented with inferior complex

Bliss with breathless scrabbled monologues

Collared with oily meanness

Thick gowned by greediness

Gifted with crippled hypocrisy 

Blinded by massive ignorance

Plastered acid-chopper pickup lines

Paraded with poodles’ feeble cadets

Drowning with dead-end stone-sag

The beauty was apocalypse


O My friend listen to me

I wailed for the dead beauty  days days  

Transcendence with my sorrow

One day, it is not end of the world!  

Stop mourning, looking for another one, I told myself
So here I am, looking for another beauty again

My friend, do you know any? 






The Real Man


The Lone Hero

The Beloved

He never lose a faith on himself  

Even if tomorrow is the last day

He is an ultimate romantic

Plough his soil and sprinkles ashes   

And planting a seed for his tomorrow

Fertilizing his new beginning

Standing his horizon against lone sunset 

He knows he is doing right thing

Even if tomorrow is the last day

Unshakable faith on his soil

Indomitable life that grows 

The soil will bear his fruit for tomorrow

Even if tomorrow is the last day

Mastery of his believe 

Conquest his faith

He is the Real Man

My Beloved


10:36am 22/11/09





Drop drop thut tut…

She was tossing her feet

Walking pastoral creeks  

Found shelter at brunches

Figured sprites in buds nests

Sweet intruder in lovers’ dreams  

Green memories are punditry  

All night sings elevating song

Her deed tender lustrous green

Time rolled, tilted clad in beatitude  

Splendor kisses in sleepy morning

Perfumed her feet soul salvaged

Her earthly heart in green elfin land

Her faith on victorious night all night

O thunder her initiation, lighting

O her eyes tenebrous in peace

O love broke tearful glitter 

Softy wings green morning

Sinful wind hushed in her fair


8;12am 22/11/09





Scumbags, I called them

Gutless souls hang on deportee eyeballs

Fear strewn venal gazing at their manic shadow  

Feeble rabbit rambling at their non-existence

O I love my own lies

Cost nothing for make them feel good

I taught these my own rugged mind  

Their little peephole ego in kowtow strips suites

Empty headed a mild strokes irritable theme park---

I am not manic because my fearless hypocrisy is

An exoticism on scumbags’ little penis      

Amor plated a buttery lamination

Slimy as a fancy boy’ rubric a mid afternoon ---

I think of them as a conquest of biscuit tin

Their sweet sourly smile at their stinking asses

Their cowardly souls are silly feeble joinery  

Tied into their narrow pointed shoes string

Entranced of an jungle with timid malign

They are stalkers, back-knifes, blunders

Gutless cooperate fagots cocktails snipers

Craven nancy boy regiment in moral uniform    

And little bullies for their shabby libidinous 

Counterfeit quirk quirk in useless manhood

Mannequin of pivotal fraud in empty cubicles   

Become vile bitches in their wimpy nil

Looking into the world through little peephole

They say; I see, I speak and I fuck

I am therefore a man of somebody

Reflection of their buttons size ego

Hey you scumbags! I eyeballed at them

Stuck into your audile little pea brain

Exoticism of non-existed your manhood 

Sew it into your between legs

Hangs on an abattoir for your ultimate origin


8:54pm 19/11/09




The Sea Girl


O you come to me

Emerald eyed seashells

Whispers moonbeam lips

Giggles white marine lyre

Sings feathery string sounds  

Wet tales washed up the shore

Engraved rainbow lullabies

Gentle cradle carved swings

Peach summer dipper ritual

Sweet scented lulled hymn 

Melt into a turquoise strewn inlet

Love weaved whittle blooms

Linen clouds giant dreams

A lone guest rest in cool shades 

White waves lured into tides

Seashells clench trembling hands  

Shudder tiger lilies rutted passion

Breasted islands a lusty fair

Brood afternoon at insects’ lute

Sun’s face winding shade at shoreline

Lulled bright indented memories

O everlasting her childish love

Lone tales in her dainty shores


11;50am 18/11/09


Firebird –III


Sheathed golden flame

I am the griffin firebird

Golden mouth emblem of tongue

Shrouded dawn at the luminous nest

Ruling wings seized sunbeams

Shrill long distant to the emerald river

Snowy trees lavish white blooms

Finest intention origin of certain

The throne bearer in your laurels

I come to you with my fire  

Sweet rapture in your golden song

Eternity air in my gilded wings

Unrolled valleys heavenly sea lines

Swing swing into your golden eyes

Where the ruler sunset is mastery  

Lofty arrowed glorious hymned 

Crested thread I carry to your summit

In your inflamed shield of crown

To you my beloved





A Letter


I wrote to him a letter

A stuck white night

I was looking into a mirror

Horror, a hellish monster there

Shield with a gorgon snake  

Bloody eyed piercing glare

O her slithering conniving tongue

Sneering throbs venomous ills  

What a diseased rotten world! She declared

Human are bloodsucker parasites

Terror, their own lethal undoing

Irrational thanks-giving killers

Savagely ritual on their own blood

Vision of horror in their short jolted life

Hate them with all my gut winching vengeance

Mankind begin with killing out of killing

Stamped their foreheads with “Killers”

Baptized moral gowned of betrayal

Swirled atrocity disasters gate of hell

Mandatory to kill to get their end

Name of mamma gods name of papa gods

Begotten god-dammed baby gods

Misery flaring ideology evil framed goddess

Genocide, human experiment, diseases and hunger

Chastised their exiled fleeting life  

Chasing after their palm sized mad shadows

Hallucination paranoia around, around

Flattering their own shadow for approval

And they gather every corners of world

Whisper rootless conspiracy mankind ending

Anti-you anti-human and anti-all or nothing

Suckled feeble pride from a tuberous myriad

Hinged pompous gate in a fragile ground

Day after day impostures words

Fumed bulldog heated tongues

Expelled their eyeballs from hated sockets

Eerier paranoid scores for killing!

Hooray!  Rise victorious killer sprit of forward

Dirty bigotry battlers led mankind

Worn-out selfish territorial sperms

Hypocrisy fouled wombs only for oblivion bigots

That is their justification!

We are super human in a feeble fiction!

Thus we are difference than other animals! They say

I, thus disown my own kind  

I am shamed to be born into a human


Then he wrote back, saying


Despite of your extravagant language I agree with you,

Yet I am Very optimistic of humankind!   


8:38pm 15/11/09



When I Die


I would like to be a shimmery sunset

Violet comes with bonfire grieving

Gowned with dark burning vampire wings

Propitious sky when you long for a lover

Buds fold their nest at brooding shades

Listen lovers free scented foot steps

Lone sax glued waves under a bridge

Lovers keep me their dark crimson fantasy

They drink me as sweet poisoned jealously

Prolong anguished desire with my red mouths  

Their broken hearts bury to my mournful fire

Think me alluring intruder at a love benches

Mesmerized their lone thought with my height

Lionizing twilight stars with their bravery

Then I go over their cherished regrets  

Plumb their wounds rustle every memories 

Take their tears with gild groves from afar

Legend of white nights, I, the purple seas

A garland of fisherman’s iron forehead

His today promises on next day harvest  

Then gliding over my magenta vales

O red dessert where tormented sphinxes

Made their headstones of million nights

Night fall silence at a man of his horizon  

Blanked soft stardust his weathered wind

Foot steps of topazes, a closer civilization

I then tell the dusky silence the whole story

He never told me but only me the true

As I never tell as his true is silenced always

Then corner where the true less expected

Serenely I tell the victor for nightly silence  


12”35am 11/11/09


She is a Whore


They say it will be thunder

He will come with burning mouth

Red tongue violent bearded silvery hair

Licks her breasts with valiant ululation

Burning her with enthralling throbs

Consumed her his ravenous eyes     

O top of dark threes where throaty rain

Warm slithering inflamed foreplay   

Faint hills brushes cheeks of buds

Trembling valleys delicious anguish    

Hold blatant mood with borderless song 

She will shiver in her crimson nests

Burning her last barked of flame

Listen his wild flare wild glare

Ominous joy deathless pounding   


10;43am 10/11/09


Red Roses


Bleeding tongue inflamed

Red mouthed blazing sunbeam

Vomits flawless burning wreath   

The lust the longing the intense

O eat my heart in your burning tongue

Buries me on your inflamed breasts

Woeful passion pierce thorns that  

Fleeting finest crimson whisperings

Middle day seduction at bluest sky

O Dazzling anguish lay on so bare

Do you forget to speak love regret?

Silenced street wring lonely yelling

O crimson veil on your enticing mouth

Open your enfold wounds to be kissed

Embossed spidery goddess voyage 

Shattered blossom life that enshrined

Stewed consecrated at concrete shadows

Buns somber passion with silence

Brazenly clam with green wisdom

O that thought of me with  strides

A anguished love that celebration  

At a lonesome victor’s milieu 

Wrought inflamed motifs


2:06pm 8/11/09



I told myself “sleep” bluntly

She is sleeping under a golden lamp

Thousands nights engraved lights

Softly telling her tales

Go over moths’ cage

Silvery moonbeam is knitting proud islands  

The snake keeper of the summer garden

Under her wings of trumpet flowers

Sailing a muted pirates ships with tides

Vermillion sunset lives under kneeled horizon

Village, the mighty village

Supernal image comes  

Throe faced wild roses, eerie dusk cracks buds  

Smokes forges a chimney tops harpy chirp

Silent pine listens passing windy dusk

Where are you going little girl? Salty wind query 

Swap lofty chariot pines wings   

Across road a small hut

An alcoholic beats his wife

As a nightly ritual, a lively fair

His dirty hands grapes her dark hair

Twirler twirle   bang bang to the wall

She collapses like a piece of sack

Uar Uar…ua ou ouu.. ieguuoo…

Groin animal groin infused night wind

Yelling yelling at his family, get out!

You are all my enemies!

Sons of a bitch! I kill you all…all…! He riles to darkness

So they gather moonbeams at a shelter 

Staged at a majestic pride

Waite until he fells sleeps

Shining cooking pots are throaty wingless

Moon picks them up put pumpkin shade  

Blooms of cyanic yellow luminary

Anchoring sound of moonbeam

Dragonflies garland headlight swivels field

Purple gowned ghostly fairies

Listen a satanic ritual

Starry knights, squired face heroes masks dance 

Wiggles twiggy spirals  

Swelling ghosts devotees of shadows

Wild flight closeness   

Rich life is a drapery movement  

Become demons of the village

That night all night the wife cursed on miserly of her life

A vengeance for her enemies who took their land

He was youngest of five sons  

Orderly, first come first serve

His older brothers took all the land

Gutter bitter only for him

Bitter drink for his council  

Then he seared five of his brooding

“Breeding is my duty!”  He says

Beating his wife his daily endearment

Token of love bandage; purple blue yellow black bruises 

Her tears neither for suffering nor for hunger 

But endless hopes

The hope never dies that she suffers  

He is better to be dead! People’ curse

That cruel dagger cuts her heart out       

A life is a servant of nature  

Never die until the last breath

Without crested season

The insolent five mouths confidence misery 

All beggaries dirty mantles shame of village

Pity not; avoid them like a dog’s shit

Distrusts rapes realm of villagers   

Wear not spiritless meanness

Kowtow to their shameful wounded crown

Division eats up villages’ code…

The chain of cycle has to be broken 

A saucy noble deed is a dummies dog’s deed

Lot of children is only for the dummies! Village declare

Nightly meetings, coy whisperings lover’s nights

Contraception, condom packs

Elders meetings a wise cool shade

Condemned not the drunken, what is rightful his! 

No more spidery beams dirty faced children! 

Kill the noble follies bestow common deed!

Wake up, your own affluence trickeries!   

A flutter village cuddling moonlight

Abandon of unkindness   

More changed than the against change  

The new contras are!


Wonder what happens to the family? 

She sleeps as a tonal breath of night





I Think Of Me a Child


The child saddles a heavenly myriad

Happiest memories are as bluest

Woundless sky, little to worry, free as satin feet a loudest spring

Wings of sound a girl’s fauves fair

A tinted of cloud sky kinkiest affinity of constellation

Lazy wind crust gloomy passage to the warm slops

Softly reposed a string squatter at yellowy grass for sunbeam basking

Unripe orchids’ lips a souvenir of spring

To shy at a snowy glance  

Laurel eagle thrust air to the swelling symphony

O all day the valley revives from dropsy frosty deafness

O impetus sunbeam bewilderes in her little breasts 

Flips flips endearing singular life that only mastery  

I exclaimed to the echo who lives other side mountain

His responds with an endearing cheer

Are you there? I pronounce his regal style

Are you there there reee…. comes with his finest duet with a convention

That lives with us ravished our delightful fancy region

O I think of not unhappiness but happiness only

In that way I astonish the greatness life that offer

That lives with me forever ever


12:00am 27/10/09



Oceanic Gaze


O this field, the cloud seamless gay

Flips their leaves lift their veils to the sun

O come, perfumed lips with your lusty tongue

Kiss me with your heavenly life, pure sounds

Tears of joy outright to my forehead with love 

You have forgotten ever you had shadows

Once frost crusted wishful lip, drilled bitter  

Prisoner of nailed wind his tattered meadow

You were in a wasteland mourned with sun

Cold emptied womb begotten only desolate

Ragged crag was the only crest of all seasons

But now your crimson trailed raveling beauty

Fleeces with despaired lusty wind hope

Your sweet face nimblest feet lively fair

Harlotry nights in your perfumed nest

All creatures anguished your love prey


11;35am 21/10/09



That Love Grows


My love blooms in a green field

Silk gowned in a pearly shade

Stately bonanza sunbeam garland

Perfume bursts at cobalt webs

Hymning a pious tongue

Walking with sodden buds

Spurns unkind darkness

Discards wooden sorrow

Willowy mess heroic gild

Weaves ruins with lone gaps

Fills with bejeweled gleams     

Voiced joy with splendor

On a Southern Cross summer…

Memories and dreams

Tainted nun’s

O warranted nightmares

A mad woman slaughterhouse

Opened her womb to a halo

Aborted thousand unborn children to a street

Cracked their flowery skulls

Shapely cursed at the sky

Her concrete hands held flesh slippery brains

Her gantlet eyes fierce with bloodless horror

Greasy pink white entropy of purple blur

In her lofty altar

Blood bathed carnage an eerier festive mood

Shielded lively brains

Dark veiled at the colored street

Lonesome abattoir ghastly wailing

Her solemn ritual killing

Her blameless appetites

Devoured unborn children with a bejeweled sword

Casketed rotten streets

An enormous silence its reverence gaze

Everyone were there as a trodden fence

Custodians of her madness

Time stopped at 12:00 at a barbershop across bridge  

A toothless accordion lively in a white wall

Played widely at keyboarded air

The pink moon equated proud fair

Clipped stars lolling in her crimsons hair

Gray winged tombs keeper vultures

Twinkled twilight brains pieces

Ravened with feetless walking

Dreamy messengers long gone seasons   

Her madness no longer alone

A mate of rascal flow

Hypnotic sunset lone thin wail

Laid in a wrenched golden bench

Spilled a saxophonist gutted twilight spells

Silenced love grows in the giant city

Devotee of her wild wild madness

O the dream was no longer a dream

But an unforgivable reality


11:23am 18/10/09




O music you possessed me utterly softly 

Arrowed colors sounds elated into cloud

Flying into hill tops to the heavenly field

Pearly green tears heart aching splendor

Thread of sun beam golden needles work 

Pricks lovers’ hearts with magnificent Adonis

O we go there where sounds of love invitation

Hands together listen to our deathless pride 

Echo to the bluest distant to beloved foreheads

Whispering leaves kiss to flowers lips

Silence of thunder his embossed infatuation

Butterfly wings to a breathless girl's little breasts

O summer chases her rainbow wheels

Milling her colorful silvery gown

Wrought a garland her maiden beauty


11:12am 15/10/09










Stoning of Du'a Khalil Aswad
Honor killing


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