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Red Dream

At the boundless dream
Sea, bathing her perfumed night
Steps of a jasmine nightingale
Melodic nectar ravished evocation
Tender garter mulling roguery
Her abbatial naked moon table
Sky buccaneer all the virtue
The triple tale of the moon’s harlotry
Memoir, scentless blend no man’s land
Whoring shores, teemed wails, always
Wrenched bird blushing lily bird lips
Blur, incantation and passerine time
The ancient land, the skeleton breath
Infertile brood, path of the word
Stellar, tufted heraldry sea in mouths
O, night, night, kills each other’s glitch

Moon gathers her shamanic dance
Bare feeted drummer’s throes
Cyanic couplings, shelved follicles
Splintered bird a mournful reined rape
Torn, dark her ordinate joyful groans
Pervert, thorny devotees wind
Leaden salvage, your insatiable dulcet
Calling all dead lovers in your abyss
Make your night an enthralling love dale
Seasoned, the red fragranced quest
Deep portioned in your flumed field
Jasmine scented the wreckage will sail
Roar, lost songs, the centuries before
All buried front of your endless wild isle
As if, my love lolling in Babylon seaside
You plant debris, ever silenced trace
Moon leads us to a tycoon honey nest
Plumed enormity, chassed impetus
The muffling force, Lucifer whispering
Null entourages, blurted shadows
Whirling, thrilling dewfall glens
Predatory buds will wail for their prime
Griddled saliently spying on ballads
Skirling union, the forted power

O, sky fling fling, hacked fling, songs
Dilapidated stride, desperate libretto
Incest rallies, bygone warriors
Stationary hilly clamor, an elfin mass
Sinful glair, ten red eyed twinkles
Lullaby, the mad moon’s final lullabies
Cyanic-ruby string in her valor
Her tumult silvery lips are snowy red
Visage, a pure precious roguery
Monstrous dark Venus clotted ardor
Of sweetness, wind-piped blenders
O, her callings, miracle of past
The man who lives the jigged shore
Instrumental tales of male buggery
Hobbled for the prophesy incomings
The vision, red eyed summons
Stalking the midst of a cupid power
Glutinously stands the line in between

A virgin whore branded felicity sin
Joyfully framed fetus in a jar-cradle
Temple of her gullible shade
Exhibits a pruned rainbow veil
Her vampire teeth cut the purest code
O, little red lips licked unripe whole
Laughed at the cruxes in a naiad coffin
Negates her composition of a gesture
Shrieks codeless moral debauchery
A porous snob, who gifted sycophancy
Fancy smiling poodle in a jamming glut
Admires his trophy of hypocrisy
She joyfully sodomises all the virtue
Ornate excellence of drilled orgies
Picturesque acme in supercilious pit
Demurred vagary at all tributary girdle
Kowtowing a vile monkey reverence
Scythe wiggle in a stifled fossil fame
Sadistic buggery all distilled parody
Called her jovial reasoned paradise

Scented crops and skulls
Silted windpipe blooming foreplay
Diffused proof, abrade lucidity
Allured buffoon, derisory harmony
Impious bull in his gloss gulch
Domicile lick his Goliath stuffing
O, no eyeballs, a lovely eternal gaze
Hailed heroes, headless meadows
Momentum of all the silted lovers
I saw a man inland who hacked infants
He, who planted the stallion bud
In their land of honey dream
Lynched three headed man in a crane
Jewel of a bride’s nuptial banquet table
Her sadistic medallion of love spell
Provincial hacked brains ablator rail
Enthroned her red satin steps
A perfect crusade her utopia enclave

Among many, tales of unripe rape
Sails placated fragranced valley
Pawed comb my wet curly hair
Resting in a ravishing absolute
Closeness bundles a distance
Adorns airless air in his cupid
Chase a dark fright in my eyelid
O, your ghost, tender follies
Foliature, soft and rueful grove
See, the Vulcan caviled breath
Slunk luxuriating eiderdown scrolls
His fallible true traced motif
Deathless death, uncoiled union
Shielded honors of the moment
Lucifer eyed moon Herculean rising
Prevailing shore to shore her elate feet
Finally, all allegory paused, hush…
Listen, the whelmed unfolding force
She escalates in motion in her nest
Decree of trace, somber evocation
Flicking her red eyes, see the dark sea
Hunting lively tales of the horizon
Hosting her lucid red Lucifer
Unfolds her salient Babylon tapestry
Thrones her vast dominant sea

5/01/06, 10:11pm

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