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Wild Flower

She is a wild flower
Seed from eastern hurtled ward
Coiffured wounds an outcast shore
Throned snake’s sleeping field
Swelling sandstone hunchbacked edges
Starved dark-thunder symphonic hurling nest
Sun-bleached skeleton of digger’s loving eyes
Kissing their desert, blue tattered pain
Swaddles their wooing shroud, red bloomed

Golden jackeroo hands tantalizing her curvature
Glory of impearled flesh shatters her inflected grief
Her claret nectar plucking moonbeams
Dampening mid night mist dares to impede
Beaming breathlessly stars in her pollinated lips
Cruelly seducing them, scandalized in her desert land

Mournful, beauteous echo, unsettled in her abyss
Twilight scarlet ruffled in her stripped waist
Bare creamy ankles tailing a silky sunset
Waltzing red sand desert embezzling moon light
Her chamber of rasping western scarf
Drumming moon beetles, badge of agleam eve
Ambrosial lusty Dominique clinging gyrating veins
Wind brushes heartstrings, starry seashell songs
Puncturing streams snarling beauteously
Intoxicating scent of steps from dreams
Her nostalgic hidden pain lays inflamed
Dandy sun sweeping his day, eagle railing road
Ramping glinting river ghosts, tide staking the moon

She is a visitor in her land
Transitory wheel of ripples
Swank moonlight entwines cobalt seas
Quilt of her watery piercing everlasting pain
Millions of ghosts spangle curling wasteland
Serpentine lovers paddocking trinket beams
Time chews in her mortal fate
Motionless tide comes to her flowery burial bier
Turf dust beautifies her gasping face
Drinks a last blazing breath in her full moon bed
Clutches the warmth of the triumphing sun
Stillness in her digger’s loving skeleton arms
Listens to her celestial requiem of serpentine
Firmly clips her petals without protest

20/11/02, 4:30pm

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