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Word -
Sold Your Inflamed Nights

Hello mate, let’s eat words
Peeled skin, skin of ripe pain
Delirious, wretched and blotched
Bitter fitted infernal delicious furies
Feminised million minds feed
Stuffed folio mouth, wailing clog
Crushed and fermented lust
Sold corner wine bar whore’s lips
Nancy boy nightly refreshment
Perhaps another lover-boy joins in
Surly, speak their blotted love
I paint you like the mad Vincent
Horrid eyes ate deaf boy’s birth right
Lapis lazuli and deep ultramarine love
O, deaf summer sundered his leaflet
Stabbed and strangled each strike
Enlivening rite of the sword impasto
Smashed all the chaotic array
Or nibbled up the Kafka maggot brain
Damnation of his cursed eulogy
Tremble ominous star’s tearful eyes
Hunted, garbled rats in a nightmare
Stacking up her old book shelves
As a token of evaded wounds
Perhaps like Mahler’s barbecued oath
O butchered the poets’ heart
Hatched curse the horrid distant
Let them outlive her own death --
Plentifully spilled out from ragged sacks
Crops, crops of agony lay blazing sun
Like the harlot tram rail in a junction
Shot each cantos, cannon of rage
Word, you are faithless whore!
Crazy monger hauling digest
Sold your inflamed nights
Bastardly lovers, gigolos and preachers
Grace of pledge, solemn endeavours
Conveyed their side of the coin
Spiv ashore slimy slippery-flatterers
Slips stick his mean quid arse
Whore’s apogee, quintessence throne
Feed an exposition of a dreamer plot
Holy-wolf allured toothless lullaby
Confess his grace of vain, plead his virtue
Preachers stewed in their cardinal robe
Chewed you as a quailed poisonous potion
Aboriginals, O yes the bloody “ABORIGINALS”
They pissed on Captain Flinders knee
Reside, pissing fortune in Swanson Street
Urinated “Advance Australian Fair”
Vomited their gratitude in drunken shade
They called heavenly bliss there--
Faith like yours dissemble into salted water
Rolling into celadon sacrificial mill
Melded, stuffed an abiding furnace
Crucifix between all corners
Rolling each direction against another
Orchid seduction his austere strip
Huer, O what am I?
Dissecting the prolific summer
Willywilly stretched all the limbs
Cut the heads off
Pinned down sobbing infinity
Dissect heart-eaten poesy
O man, utter raid the lament
Must bandage the cloven love
Tentatively gazing at the agony
Let bleed for love-strewn pulse
Vestige of her monad stream

31/10/04, 5:08 pm

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