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The Equator

Equator, the lined January
Strap dwells crossing shadows
Eagerly eastern hue breasted loops
Memory of my village inviolate steps
Church bell clings, unsounded mote
Mountain swaps his elfin granary latch
The legend of love ripens a girl’s eyes
Summer officer squatted medallions
Wild rose wangles twofold wind
Distant sky imbues on invalid tales
Boyish azure will hemming sea waif
Awry buds bares their bosom to the sky
Yearning for long gone love will come
Topaz islands resting slops of ships
Brooding tread crunched hearty wind
Lures into my heart unwounded blush
His fore-mast footstep weaves airy grope
Clothed brazen garment kittling village
Summer songs moored hills of thorn
Vinery tide to the rueful eyed smile
Grandmamma left her swapping attire
Gone to the wild rose lullaby dean
Her avian songs leafy twain in reign
Clotted her fennel spangled script
Ara ara dung dung…
Suri suri dong dong…
Tide of the passage unborn love
The unsung looped slope of a cortege
Lullabies weary in her cascade mirror
Swiftly, wear my splendored dress
With kneeled floret, I’ll wait him at the lull
My rutted kiss blotched his long journey
Bare feet, flowery cushion for the scented honor
Unfolded under his sloping amplitude steps


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